Welcome to Sky-Pole Manufacturing

World champion producer of high density fiberglass and graphite products

Sky-Pole has been manufacturing high density cylindrical and tapered fiberglass epoxy and graphite products since 1973 in Costa Mesa, California, USA. It has been recently acquired by Higher Ground Composites Group and moved operations into St. Charles Missouri, USA.

We maintain an in-house engineering design and material testing capabilities to meet and exceed customer specifications, mechanical test requirements and certifications.

We supply sailing masts and booms for major sail boat manufacturers and direct to both amateur and professional race sailors. Both masts and booms come in standard and custom configurations designed to individual specifications up to 40 feet in length and 6 inches butt diameter. We also supply military firms, naval bases, shipyards and aerospace firms with tight tolerance, high performance fiberglass and graphite products manufactured to exacting tolerances and specifications. All our military products are certified to Mil and federal standards. Additionally, we supply harvesting products for fruit picking such as telescoping poles and rigs.

In the recreational field, we manufacture paddle shafts and oar shafts both for the beginner and the expert, custom vaulting poles and custom fishing poles. Standard fiberglass/epoxy and graphite tubing from ¼” I. D. to 6” I. D., composite high density bars up to 1 inch thickness, and panels up to 8 feet length are manufactured and finished to tight tolerances.

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Multi hul boat masts made by Sky-Pole; graphite masts, fiberglass masts
Multi hul boat masts made by Sky-Pole; graphite masts, fiberglass masts